Saturday, July 28, 2007

Book marketing

To Market....... To Market

by Cynthia S. Bercowetz

When I was in sixth grade, I wrote the following in a car contest: "If a strong and sturdy car is your delight, come to Shapiro's and be treated right." I won! I must have had ideas about promoting at that young age.
I have had many ideas on promoting and marketing my books. They may not be the traditonal ways but they have proven successful.
My biggest promotion is a book party at my home. I usually have 75 to 100 friends, town officials and anyone interested in attending a party. I have had an orchestra for the past two books.
For my second book, "Unforgettable Recipes and Savvy Consumer Tips", I had local cooks bring samples of their recipes in the books to the book party. The introduction of the book is by a well-known chef and he attended too with his recipes that made a hit.
For my third book,"Grandpa Herman's Pettng Zoo", a true story about animals at a former petting zoo at COPACO in Bloomfield, I will have a local farm bring over some of the animals that were similar to the ones in the book. They will be outside on our lawn.
I tuck a book at my dentist's office and other medical offices I visit. It pays off. Patients have called to purchase books.
In Naples, Fl., I had a book party at the Elks Lodge. The chef at the Lodge has recipes in the book. It was most successful.
I had a book signing at a book store in Naples that did not have a high attendance. I went across the way to a pizza place for lunch. Customers asked why I was dressed up and the others were very casual. I told them about the book signing and many in line wanted to buy my books. So, there I was book signing at the pizza place.
I also like to help other authors to promote their books. I have a TV show on Channel Five and interview guests. For further information, contact me at
Cynthia Susan Bercowetz.

Unforgettable Recipes and Savvy Consumer Tips
ISBN: 0-9708430-7-0
Paperback $14.95 Contact me for an Autographed copy

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